A real story of a wolf and a man.

Dated back in 1890s, this documentary tells you of how we started to change our thinking of wolves.

Lobo was a wanted wolf down in New Mexico, in the Currumpa Valley. He was an alpha of a pack of wolves who kills a cattle everyday. The local farmers were tired of it and hires the man who -through his meeting with the wolf- will change the minds of many about wolves.


It was nearly the ending age of the Wild West and the states are developing more. In New Mexico, wolves were wanted for killing livestocks and one of them has hit the top of the hit list; his name is Lobo.

The Intro of LoboEdit

This gray Mexican Wolf was the top wolf of the bounty's hit list. Having a bounty of over a hundred dollars on his head. He and his pack has raided farms daily and escapes without a scratch. The locals gave him the title 'The King of the Currumpaw' and said he's one wolf that can always cheat death.

The Coming of SetonEdit

A bounty-hunter from Canada was hired to kill this wolf, his name was Seton.